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Internal Family Systems

I use a modality called Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, which recognizes that we are all complex beings comprised of multiple parts. This approach helps to integrate and harmonize the different parts of ourselves, which leads to improved functioning and mental health.

When we experience stressors or trauma, some parts of ourselves can become wounded and others can become extreme in their coping mechanisms. IFS therapy aims to heal and unburden these wounded parts and ease the protective parts that work hard to keep them at bay.

I also incorporate other modalities, such as EMDR Therapy and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, along with IFS to provide a holistic approach to healing. These therapy modalities blend together beautifully and can be very powerful when used together.

To learn more about IFS therapy, you can watch a video of Dr. Richard Schwartz, its creator, providing an overview of this model: Overview of IFS