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About Danielle Ciccone

I am a deeply passionate licensed psychotherapist practicing in California. It is my life’s work to help others heal, recover, and experience the beauty of life.

Professional Credentials

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #4677 (California Board of Behavioral Sciences)

EMDR Certified Therapist and Approved Consultant (EMDR International Association)


Master of Science in Psychology – University of Pittsburgh

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – UCLA

Advanced Clinical Training

EMDR Therapy

Internal Family Systems

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy including Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, MDMA Assisted Therapy, and Psilocybin Assisted Therapy


Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

My Approach

I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches in my practice, depending on what I see as best suited for each client’s individual needs. I understand that therapy is not “one size fits all.” I integrate what I see as the best parts of each therapy approach that I’ve studied in order to deliver a comprehensive service for my clients. 

I love people. I love getting to know them, trying to understand them, trying to figure out what motivates them and determining what is most important to them. I especially love to see how similar all human beings are, no matter how different they appear on the outside or how different their lives look. There is no doubt that we are all unique, but I have found that we all share the same types of pain, and the same types of joys. People tend to think they’re alone in their struggles, but I have the unique perspective of being able to see that they truly are not.

Though this work is not easy, it is incredibly rewarding. I’ve heard a lot of very sad and tragic stories. But more often than that, this work is inspiring and absolutely fascinating. I’ve also heard some incredibly moving and uplifting stories full of hope and resiliency. I never want to stop hearing the stories people have to tell.

This is a job, yes. This is my livelihood, and this is how I support myself and my family. But, more than that, it is a large part of what makes my life so meaningful. It is a large part of my purpose. I want to participate in healing. I want to cultivate joy, forgiveness, compassion, and love. I get to do that in this work. I am forever indebted to the universe for giving me this opportunity.

My Values

Lifelong Learning

I find immense joy in the continuous process of learning. Reading books, research articles, and participating in trainings and workshops is not only a professional endeavor but a deeply personal passion. I thrive on the opportunity to expand my knowledge base to enhance my skills and better serve my clients.


My goal is to infuse each interaction I have with people with compassion and warmth, and I'm not afraid to open my heart to others. Genuine empathy, deep caring, and unwavering support are the cornerstones of my approach, aiming to make a positive impact on each person's journey toward healing and growth. 


I strive to be genuine, transparent, and true to myself in all aspects of life. In both professional and personal relationships, I believe that authenticity fosters trust, connection, and meaningful experiences. I want to show up as myself in the therapy room, so that you can connect with a real human being. 


Humility is essential to me. It keeps me grounded, open-minded, and respectful of others' viewpoints. I trust that each person has their own healing intelligence within them; and I am not here to give clients the answers from a position of expertise, but rather to guide them to discover their own inner wisdom. 

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